Jared Goff’s fiance got death threats and was cyberbullied by Lions fans after Detroit’s games

Jared Goff had an interesting first season as the quarterback for the Detroit Lions, specially after being so criticized during his stint with the Los Angeles Rams and the team immediately winning a Super Bowl after trading him away.

But not only did Goff had to face criticism from his former team’s fans, but also from the supporters of the new franchise he defends, the Detroit Lions, who struggled to get a couple of wins this season, but never backed down.

On top of that, those close to Goff unjustifiedly suffered the wrath of some so-called fans for the Detroit Lions.

What happened to Christen Harper, Jared Goff’s fiance?

Recently, during an interview on the Rachel DeMita’s podcast Courtside, Christen Harper opened up about her experience dealing with the fan base of the Detroit Lions, NFL team for whom his soon to be husband, Jared Goff plays for.

The Sports Illustrated swimsuit model acknowledged that some fans don’t behave the right way, cause she’s even received death threats following the team’s games.

“I get the most death threats after a loss, my DMs just blow up with, like, crazy stuff,” Harper told DeMita.

She went on to say that people can be mean or crazy, and that she’s learned to not listen to them, cause at the end of the day it’s just a game, which is really important to her and Jared Goff, cause it’s their life, but nonetheless just a game.

“All those other people there, they’re just there for entertainment. And they’re gonna say things, and they’re drunk, and they’re whatever. So what I’ve learned is to kind of block out that noise and try to enjoy the moment because it only lasts for so long”, she added.

Christen Harper got engaged to Jared Goff last June, after the couple had been dating since 2019.

Christen Harper got cyberbullied even after the Lions had their first win

Christen Harper recalls being cyberbullied after the Lions had their first win of the 2021 season, with her comment section and DM’s being filled with hateful messages due to her not being in attendance, after one of her videos went viral, showing her that maybe she could never win against the haters.

“Because if I was at the game, they’d be saying, like, ‘you’re a gold digger, all you’re doing is following your boyfriend around.’ So you really can’t win. If you’re at the game, you’re too invested, that’s your whole life. If you’re not there, you’re not supportive. So as women, it’s like impossible to win, because they’re always going to say something you’re doing is wrong. It’s crazy.”