Triple H sets about removing every trace of McMahon around WWE

There are big changes taking place in WWE as a new era is being entered. Following the retirement of Vince McMahon, Triple H has become the creative fulcrum of the company.

He has already set about removing many of the plans and systems that McMahon had in place.

One of the big differences is in his treatment of the wrestlers. McMahon was much more distant with the wrestlers. He only had a friendly relationship with those he liked.

Great wrestlers such as Aleister Black, Andrade Cien Almas and Keith Lee were promoted to the main roster. However, they were not to Vince‘s liking and left through the back door.

Now, with WWE controlled by Triple H at the creative level, this situation has changed completely. One of the most significant cases is that of former NXT member Tomasso Ciampa.

Ciampa is one of the best wrestlers in its history, and his arrival on RAW was proving to be a flop. However, Triple H has turned things around, making him a serious contender for any title.

The thing that has really surprised people with Triple H is that several wrestlers who seemed to be out of the picture who are now returning to WWE.

The starting point was undoubtedly SummerSlam, with the return of Bayley (absent for a year due to injury), who was accompanied by two wrestlers with a long history in NXT: Iyo Sky (Io Shirai previously) and Dakota Kai.

The former seemed to have one foot out of WWE, while Dakota was fired in April. The arrival of both on the main roster pleased fans.

But they weren’t the only ones. Last week on SmackDown saw the return of Karrion Kross, along with Scarlett.

They both shined in NXT, but Kross’ arrival to the main roster was a real flop, as he wasn’t to Vince‘s liking.

As a result, he and Scarlett were fired. But Triple H has recruited them back, and it looks like he has big plans for Kross.