Eintracht Frankfurt fans to test UEFA’s organisation after Champions League final chaos in Paris

The Champions League final in Paris last season between Real Madrid and Liverpool was memorable for a number of unwanted reasons.

There were a flurry of incidents stemming from UEFA’s chaotic organisation, which resulted in a series of problems outside the Stade de France and issues for Liverpool fans getting into the stadium.

Eintracht fans are ready for Real MadridTwitter

The chaos even led to a delay in kick off.

All eyes are now on Wednesday’s UEFA Super Cup final in Helsinki, which is the first men’s club fixture to be organised by UEFA after last season’s debacle.

A fierce battle between Eintracht and Rangers fans at the Europa League Final in Sevilla

UEFA know that they will have to keep a close eye on both supporters, but they are thinking more about the Eintracht Frankfurt fans.

The German club’s supporters have been involved of problems of their own in recent months, for one the Europa League final against Rangers in Seville. Fans clashed in the Andalusian city ahead of the game.

The Paris final also sparked an internal crisis in the French government, and local police ended up taking responsibility for the mismanagement on the night.

For Wednesday, the Helsinki police have plans for the arrival of Eintracht fans, who are expected to fill the streets of the city throughout the day.

The distribution of tickets paints a clear picture, with at least 8,000 Eintracht fans expected to turn up for the game. Real Madrid‘s number is a more manageable 1,800.

Eintracht are known to travel well, though, and they could take even more fans with them.

Their recent visit to Barcelona‘s Camp Nou for the second leg of the Europa League is a good example, with up to 30,000 fans occupying the stands and outnumbering the home support.

The Helsinki Olympic Stadium has a capacity of 31,500 and there is no doubt that the German club will feel as though they are playing at home.