Massive player-coach brawl erupts at New York Giants practice

The New York Giants aren’t starting their season off right. During their latest practice, punches thrown between Jon Feliciano and linebacker Tae Crowder led to an all-out brawl as several players moved in to break it up. What was even more bizarre was that Bobby Johnson, their offensive line coach, also got involved and pushed Cam Brown.

It is normal for tempers to flare during the preseason, and even more so in the extremely hot summer we are experiencing. However, one can’t help but see this as a warning sign for the Giants. Despite great Draft pick selections. The NY Giants were dead last in the NFC East last season with a 4-13 record and there are still questions lingering whether head coach Brian Daboll will be able to get the most out of his time and the uncertain QB situation with Daniel Jones in a ‘make or break’ year.