Christophe Galtier savors the very large victory and the attitude of his stars against Clermont

Paris Saint-Germain version Christophe Galtier finally started its Ligue 1 season this Saturday evening on the lawn of Clermont. A first test for a new version of PSG which had already shown very good things against Nantes (4-0) during the Trophée des Champions or even more generally during the preparation. Led by the two burning stars Neymar and Messi, the capital club made short work of the Clermontois who suffered the whole match (5-0).

Present in intensity, concerned about the loss of the ball, the Parisians showed a very different face from last season’s performances. In the system of three defenders and two very attacking pistons, PSG looked very balanced and very capable of producing rather enticing football. What obviously satisfy Christophe Galtier as he confided to the microphone of Canal +. “We are in the continuity of what we have been doing since Japan or the Trophée des Champions. The team is better regulated even. What I remember, even if of course we have a lot of talent, is the collective desire to want to recover the ball very early without letting up. We had a bit at the start of the second half, but afterwards they like to play with each other, like to score goals.he first explained.

Good intensity and stars who make the effort

The former Nice coach especially appreciated the attitude of his players and his stars. If Neymar and Messi shone by scoring and providing assists, they especially showed desire during the defensive phases. And that’s what makes the difference this season according to the French technician. “Like Sarabia giving good balance, Messi is keen on loss and Neymar has made defensive efforts. This allows the team block to be compact. Since I’ve been here, I’ve had a receptive group that likes to work and have fun together, but the season is still long. Obviously I am satisfied with the overall match, we did not concede any more chances.

But for the team to be present from the first match of the season, it was also necessary to manage the physical preparation perfectly because the Parisians seemed very sharp physically. And the World Cup in the middle of the season undoubtedly played for certain players as explained by Galtier. “I think our players had to prepare during the holidays. Afterwards, I’m used to working with a physical trainer and we pay attention to that. My players seem to be in good shape. I also have to take the opportunity to integrate everyone, I try to make the 5 changes so that everyone participates, finds the rhythm.he launched before answering the fateful question: how to do with Mbappé and how to rotate with the three stars in front? “Mbappé is essential in our project. He had the will to stay here to achieve very high goals and for a coach, integrating a player into this collective is not hard. Take out the front three? Yes, I have already discussed this with them. There, we are at 1 match per week, that’s fine, but after that, we will have 26 matches with the selections then the World Cup. We will have to manage the players and they will not want to go out, but we will have to do it, and even not start the match sometimes.