UFC: Dana White critical of Jake Paul’s co-promoter: He needs to stay away from that damn warlock

Lately, UFC president Dana White has a lot to say about Jake Paul‘s entourage.

In recent statements he argued that the YouTuber’s media-worthy bout with Hasim Rahman Jr had to be called off due to low ticket sales, something that appears to be untrue.

“Here’s the reality, that warlock is not a f**king promoter,” he told Fight Hub TV about Nakisa Bidarian.

“Jake Paul needs to partner with a guy who can actually do his job.

“The warlock was an accountant with us, the UFC. He’ll save you a lot of work with taxes, that’s all. He needs to work with a real guy.

“If you look at all the greats, Don King, Ben Arum, they’re great. There’s a lot of guys who could do well.

“Paul needs to trust one of those guys and stay away from the f***ing warlock.

“Just because he’s worked in the UFC doesn’t mean you know how to put fights together.”

Jake Paul was quick to respond

Jake Paul is a very active fighter on social media, and precisely on Twitter, the YouTuber has been quick to respond to White.

“Dana, I know you’re proud of me,” he started.

“You still need to pay your fighters more and give them medical care. Your company makes a billion dollars a year.

“I have five fights under my belt. But you’ll be busy buying friends, too. I hope you feel better soon,”

It seems that the boxer did not like White’s words and shows no sign of changing his promoter.