Child Support Payments: Who can claim direct payments in these states?

In March last year president Joe Biden signed the American Rescue Plan. Under this plan, the American government extended the child tax credit for tax year 2021 to 3,000 dollars per qualifying child between ages six and 17 and 3,600 dollars per qualifying child under age six.

Half of this amount was paid out to families in the United States as monthly instalments of up to 300 dollars between July and December last year.

While the expanded tax credit has expired, low-income families can still claim the remaining six months of their payments if they haven’t yet filed their 2021 taxes, with the deadline extended to October 17.

While the previous program might have expired, several states are offering their very own programs in a bid to combat inflation and ease the burden on low income families.

The following is a list of states that are currently offering benefits


The state of California has the California earned income tax credit (CalEITC), which is targeted at low-income residents in California.

An amount of up to 1,000 dollars is available to families who earn less than 25,000 dollars, while those who earn 30,000 are also eligible to receive benefits at a reduced rate.

Residents who have a child or children under the age of six, are also eligible for the young child tax credit.


The state of Colorado is about to launch a child tax credit program similar to one at the federal level. The plan will benefit those individuals who make 75,000 dollars or less (85,000 dollars for married taxpayers filing jointly) and who have children below the age of six as of December 31, 2022.


In Illinois those who have children under the age of 17 are entitled to a 100 dollar payment per child provided they have an income below 40,000 dollars or 60,000 dollars for joint filers.

New Jersey

In New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy signed a new law that enables households who make less than 80,000 dollars eligible for payments.

The new policy is set to take effect on January 1, 2023.

New York

The Empire Child tax credit in New York offers support to families with kids above the age of four, but below the age of 17.

Those with a federal AGI up to 110,000 dollars (married filing jointly), up to 75,000 dollars (single or head of household), or up to 55,000 dollars (married filing separately) are eligible.

Other states offering child tax credit benefits are Connecticut, Idaho, Maine, Maryland, New Mexico, Oklahoma, Rhode Island, Vermont.