Frenkie de Jong at the heart of a new conflict

Frenkie de Jong probably thought he was going to have a less hectic off-season. Still courted by Manchester United and Chelsea, the Barça midfielder wants to stay in Catalonia. His club is not necessarily for it. The fault of a salary too large for his finances. The deal is simple for Laporta and his team, either the player agrees to drastically lower his salary, or he is forced to leave for the Premier League.

While Xavi is building a competitive team and a rather attractive game, De Jong feels he has to be part of it. For him, this 4th season at the club must be that of consecration. Obviously not everyone hears it that way. Barça decided to increase the pressure, the transfer window advancing rapidly. And then if the player said no to MU, the door is still a little ajar to join Chelsea.

De Jong and his agent disagree

According to Sport, the Blues have even presented an offer which could satisfy the Catalans. They offered to include Marcos Alonso in the deal to lower the overall rating of this transfer. Besides the Spaniard, they would offer €70m. It would suit everyone since the left side no longer really has his mind in London and wants to join Catalonia. Does De Jong still have to accept it? And that is still far from over.

He is waiting to see what salary reduction Barça will offer him before making his decision, but for his agent, Ali Dursun, it’s already been seen. We have to go to Chelsea. According Sport, this eagerness of the representative became a source of conflict with the Dutchman. Dursun doesn’t want De Jong to lower his salary and urges him to agree to join the Premier League. Several frictions have already taken place, which does not really help the situation of Barça …