Christophe Galtier deciphers the Campos method

Long questioned by The Parisian, Christophe Galtier, new Paris Saint-Germain coach, spoke about various topics that have been in the club’s news in recent weeks. Behind the scenes of his arrival at the summer transfer window via the MNM, the former Aiglons technician showed no restraint. The opportunity also for the 55-year-old coach to reveal in more detail the work of Luis Campos, new sports adviser for the Parisian club and former right-hand man of Galtier on the Lille side.

“Luis defines, with the president, the sports policy that the club wants to put in place. There, I do not intervene. With Luis and my staff, we quickly worked on the game model, the organization, in relation to the players who were going to stay. We thought about the best way to make them play. And then there is all this work in which he excels, in particular the analysis of the players who must compose a workforce to make the team as efficient as possible. When Luis talks to me about Vitinha, I have three or four flashes of him in Porto and he says to me: look, look. He knows how to analyze very precisely the strengths of a player, we talk a lot about it, about this puzzle that we have to do, and that is very difficult. He knows which profiles I want, in which sector, in relation to such animation and such organization, he looks for them, he unearths them, and me there is not a quarter of an hour in the day when I think of something else than to my group, training and the organization of the match. Everything around, departures, arrivals, discussions with agents, no! It’s not for me, and that’s what I want.”assured Galtier.