Isco has disappeared from the radar!

A few weeks ago, we were talking about him as one of the big shots to be made in this transfer window. At the end of his contract with Real Madrid, Isco was – and still is – available for €0. A player who comes out of several seasons without too much playing time of course, but with a talent that is no longer to be proven, an experience of the highest level which can bring to many clubs, and surely the desire to relaunch.

The one who only played 14 La Liga games last season has still not found the shoe that suits him. If at the start of the transfer window there were many rumors sending him to clubs of a certain prestige such as AC Milan, Betis or Sevilla, there is not much to report in recent weeks. The player trained in Valencia even seems to have disappeared from the various mercato newspapers and gazettes.

Isco is demanding

Submarine negotiations? No interested clubs? Uninteresting proposals? As indicated brand, it is Jorge Mendes who is in charge of finding him a new club, since the Spaniard joined the Gestifute team a few months ago. The big problem in the few discussions that there may have been with the clubs is the salary requested by the principal concerned.

The player thus received 10 million euros from Real Madrid (gross sum), which remains quite high for the majority of clubs. Especially since he is quite demanding and wants to join a team competing in European competition. While some championships are already resuming this weekend and La Liga will resume in just over a week, Isco doesn’t seem really in a hurry…