Barcelona: Barcelona’s options when it comes to registering new signings

Barcelona still have some way to go before they are able to register their new signings.

The Blaugrana have buoyed the spirits of its fans with a transfer window that has seen big names strengthen each position (Kounde, Raphinha, Lewandowski…), but they need to be able to see them on the pitch. In order for that to happen, some more work is needed.

The delicate financial situation of the club has led directors to activate three financial levers in order to operate in the transfer window.

The first was the sale of 10 percent of TV rights to Sixth Street for the next 25 years for 207.5 million euros.

Then, the sale to the same company for the same period of time for another 15 percent of TV rights for 400 million euros.

And the last was the sale of 24.5 percent of Barca Studios to for 100 million euros.

In total, Barcelona has raised 707.5 million euros for those assets.

However, Joan Laporta raised some questions marks when talking about the moves on Monday.

“I am optimistic,” he said. “Let’s hope LaLiga interprets it as we do.”

Therein lies the key to Barcelona‘s summer. As reported by El Partidazo de COPE on Wednesday, the difference in valuation between the two parties stands at 150 million euros.

The one that counts is that of LaLiga, which continues to analyse all the documents carefully and in detail.

As a result, Barcelona will likely be forced to activate a fourth economic lever (which would be the other 24.5 percent of Barca Studios) if it wants to register new signings.

If they don’t, they would have to sell Frankie de Jong for a figure that is considerably higher than the 80 million euros that’s been floated around.

What happens if the fourth lever is activated? In that case, Barcelona wouldn’t need to make a big sale because they would only have to alleviate their wage bill rather than generate cash.

For example, it would be enough for De Jong and Memphis Depay to leave, even without a transfer fee.

If one were to leave on loan and the other on a free transfer, that would be enough.

Another option would be a sharp reduction in the midfielder’s salary.

More signings?

Another question is whether Barcelona can make another big signing if they activate the fourth lever.

For that to happen, they would have to make a notable sale in addition to that of De Jong.

For example, if they signed Bernardo Silva for 60 million euros for five seasons (12 million euros per season) and pay him 10 million euros (20 gross), they would have to sell a player for around 30 million euros.

At the moment, Barcelona’s battle is with regards to registering their new signings.

It doesn’t seem that adding more players is a realistic option, but there is still lots of time left in the transfer window.