Galtier is expecting 3 recruits!

PSG followers, if they hadn’t seen it before, could see how different Christiphe Galtier’s press conferences are from those of his predecessor Mauricio Pochettino. The soothing clichés of the Argentinian are followed by the sharp frankness, at least for the moment, of the French technician. The proof ? To a question about the number of recruits still expected by the end of the transfer window, Galtier immediately replied:

“I’m still waiting for three recruits. The management and the president are working a lot on this. But again, we’re not here to stack players. I want a certain number of players in the squad. Players who are close in terms of level to create a competitive group all year round and healthy competition as well. These three players, I don’t know if they will arrive soon or not. » And he does not count Renato Sanches in the lot. He also confirmed that the Portuguese midfielder was expected this afternoon.