Jamie Carragher pays Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo, who is currently looking for a way out at Manchester United, has been volleyed by former Liverpool player Jamie Carragher, who has spoken out for SkyBet. “I always thought this situation would happen, even though Ronaldo did them good [à Manchester United]. He signed a two-year contract plus a bonus year, which I couldn’t believe. He’ll never play second fiddle to anyone, but as players at some stage in your career, we all know you’re not the same player.

His career lasted a long time because he is such a great professional […] And I think if you asked Ten Hag, I don’t think he wants it. And I’m not sure the Manchester United dressing room wants Cristiano Ronaldo right now. » said the former Liverpool player. It now remains to be seen where the Portuguese will land, as the season begins in a few days.