Conor McGregor to make acting debut in Amazon Prime Video’s remake of ‘Road House’

The only thing that was left for Conor McGregor to do was appear on the big screen, and he’ll do just that in Amazon Prime Video’s remake of the 1980s classic ‘Road House’.

The movie will star Jake Gyllenhaal as he plays a former MMA fighter who takes a new job as a bouncer at a roadhouse in the Florida Keys.

While it’s unclear what McGregor‘s role will be, the Irishman will have a big part in the film, which begins shooting next month.

“Fight icon Conor McGregor expands his storied career into film to join Jake Gyllenhaal in the reimagining of the beloved classic, Road House,” Amazon Studios confirmed in a post on Twitter.

Hollywood has tempted McGregor for years, but the right project never came along. Deadline reports that that when the chance to join ‘Road House’ presented itself, he showed no hesitation in saying yes.

Although McGregor has featured in commercials for several companies, this will be his first venture into feature films.

The remake was announced in 2021 and was being developed by MGM, but after being purchased by Amazon Studios, it is now taking over the project.