The big galleys of Bordeaux on the transfer window

“We still have the DNCG on Tuesday, we hope they will let us work quietly. If so, the worries will be behind us. […] There are players who are waiting and who are in the starting blocks. We just need to have the green light to be able to work”. A few days ago Gérard Lopez decided to put a little pressure on the DNCG so as not to be stuck in the transfer window yet. But what he feared happened. The financial policeman of French football has decided to regulate the payroll as well as the allowances linked to transfers. As a result, the club will have to sell before strengthening. And this is very bad news since Bordeaux seemed very limited against Valenciennes.

This decision also has serious consequences for Bordeaux. Yoann Barbet, Vital N’Simba who had done all the preparation with the scapular club still cannot see their contract approved by the league. Result, David Guion will still have to do without them on the next day of the championship and it is a blow because Bordeaux loses its captain (Barbet) and its holder on the left (N’Simba). Another case, that of Jonas Lössl. The Danish goalkeeper is already in Bordeaux and was to commit this Wednesday to be directly in the team this weekend. But this will not be the case because, as for the other two, his contract cannot be approved.

25 million sales

This Tuesday, we revealed to you that the people of Bordeaux had to reduce their payroll by around 4 million euros to start recruiting. Information confirmed by South West which gives more details on the economic situation of the club. The local daily explains that Bordeaux announced to the DNCG that its budget for pro players alone was set at 11.5 million euros. Currently, it is at least 3 million higher. It will therefore be necessary to considerably reduce the size of the workforce and part with 3/4 players to begin to strengthen. Hwang Ui-Jo, Mbaye Niang, Jean Onana or Alberth Elis are often cited as starters. The South Korean striker is also the closest to a departure.

Still according to information from South West, the club agreed to sell for approximately 25 million euros on the transfer market. The sale of Sékou Mara is included in it and therefore brought in 13 million. So still missing 12 million euros to be in the nails. But the supporters are above all expecting reinforcements because the Girondins will not be able to play the climb this season without several recruits. David Guion is also expecting 7 to 8 recruits for his squad, which has already shown its limits against Valenciennes. Without that, the season risks being very long. And the Bordeaux supporters are not at the end of their sentences…