UBI Payments: How to get a direct payment of $6,500 from this new financial aid plan?

Denver is expanding The Denver Basic Income Project to reach hundreds of people in need.

This expansion of this universal basic income program will include further assistance to three new groups, previously the city’s program only benefited 11 individuals last year, and another 28 persons this July 2022.

Now more than 800 people will receive a monthly payment to help them cover the most basic expenses.

260 individuals will get a $6,500 payment upfront, and also a $500 monthly payment for the next 11 months.

Then another 260 individuals will receive a $1,000 payment each month for 12 months, with no upfront money being sent to them.

And finally 300 persons will be awarded with a $50 monthly payment for a year, with no money given upfront to them.

How will participants be selected?

This program currently has raised over $7 million in funding, but it’s reported that $2 million more are needed for this first round of participants.

It’s intended to help those experiencing homelessness and are currently living in cars, public spaces, camping grounds, shelters or share housing due to economic hardship or whose housing isn’t designed with sleeping accomodations.

The city said that participants shouldn’t have any severe or unadressed mental health or substance abuse issue.

Even though they aren’t receiving applications yet, the city officials expect this program to kick off in the next few months.

Eligible candidates will then be selected through a randomized process.

Other states offering UBI payments

Several cities and states across the United States have setted up and kicked off their Universal Basic Income programs.

For example Mount Vernon in New York will give 200 residents, whose household earns a minimum of $15,000 anually, a $500 monthly payment for a year.

Or in Mountain View, California where they’ll be handing out $500 UBI monthly payments.

A three person household must not exceed the $44,750 income to be elegible, with applications opening in the following weeks.