players tell behind the scenes of the documentary series All or Nothing

This is perhaps the event that many Arsenal fans are waiting for the most, along with the start of the 2022-2023 Premier League season, which the Gunners will kick off on Friday at Crystal Palace ( 9 p.m.). This is obviously the documentary series All or Nothingnow well known to regulars of the streaming platform Amazon Prime Video and whose first 3 episodes will see the light of day this Thursday August 4, which penetrated the intimacy of Arsenal players throughout the 2021-2022 financial year. A year as surprising as it is frustrating for the men of Mikel Arteta. Because if the 40-year-old Spanish technician had the youngest squad in the English championship, his team still had a promising season, however in the end narrowly failing to bring the Londoners back to the top 4, and therefore to the League of champions.

A particular presence that has become habitual

During a press briefing organized by the English club and Prime Video, Foot Mercato was able to talk with Martin Ødegaard, the new captain of Arsenal, Emile Smith Rowe, one of the darlings of the Emirates Stadium, and Cédric Soares, the experienced Portuguese side who triumphed at Euro 2016 in France. The opportunity for the principals concerned by this series to express their feelings vis-à-vis the omnipresence of cameras and an external film crew in their daily lives for many months. “To be honest, at first it was a bit strange and uncomfortablefirst recognizes the former element of Real Madrid. But I think after a while we sort of forgot about it and they made it natural for us. It went very well and they didn’t bother us too much. There were cameras everywhere, but after a while you don’t think about it too much.”.

An observation shared by the n°10 of the Gunners, pointed out in the first episodes that we were able to watch for his shyness. “At the start, it was quite disturbing, having cameras everywhere, everything being recorded… But afterwards, we got used to it. So much so that at the end of the season, we didn’t even realize that the film crew was there.launches Smith Rowe, before specifying. “I wouldn’t say I’m the shyest of the group, but you’ll make up your own mind (laughs). » Same story for the Lusitano. “At the beginning, it was something new, but during the season, we managed to forget little by little to forget these cameras. It became normal over time. »

The players, these natural actors… or almost

One thing is certain in the eyes of the Gunners: the permanent presence of the cameras has not altered the behavior of the players. “Of course, when there are cameras and microphones everywhere, you pay a little more attention to what you do and say, but I think we all felt protected, and we knew it was a good thing to do. They did things right, they respect the players, they didn’t bother us too much. I don’t think it changed anything, the players were natural. Maybe some changed their behavior a bit (laughs), but overall it wasn’t a problem.”testifies in this sense, not without humor, Martin Ødegaard.

The man who also wears the armband with Norway also wanted to emphasize the importance of this All or Nothing: Arsenal for the supporters, and the closeness this can create between the fans and the locker room. “For me, it’s not ideal to have cameras around me, I’m not the type to like it. But I think it’s interesting, for fans and people, to see what it’s like to be a footballer. It’s not just training and playing matches, there are a lot of things you have to do, like the tactical aspect, the movements, the pressure you have to manage… it can be good for young players also to see that. »

And who better than Emile Smith Rowe, kid from the club trained in Hale End, to understand what fans can expect? “It’s important that the fans see how we are off the pitch, our personalities, and not just the way we play. It’s good that they understand all this. This documentary is a good thing for them, so that they also get to know us better”comments the England international. “Arsenal are a big club, you understand it best from the insideanalyzes for his part Cédric Soares. The fans help Arsenal a lot to regain their greatness. It is therefore normal that a series can show what happens every day in this club. »

When Arteta plays You’ll Never Walk Alone in training

While the Gunners’ 21-22 season was marked by several periods of sporting ups and downs, lovers of this mythical club in Her Majesty’s Kingdom will have the opportunity, thanks to this documentary, to discover the backstage of their club. favorite. They will learn there in particular that before the debacle of Arsenal in Liverpool (0-4, November 20), Mikel Arteta organized a special training accompanied by the famous You’ll Never Walk Alone, symbol of the fervor of the Reds, to acclimatize its players to this very special atmosphere. ” It was funnyrecalls ESR. He warned us that he was going to do it. We arrived at practice and saw the speakers in place. We thought “wow, he’s really going to do it” (laughs). » If this original experiment, to say the least, surprised the players, as Ødegaard confesses, it unfortunately did not have the desired effect. Hopefully, both for Arsenal and for Amazonmay this long-awaited documentary series be a real success in the eyes of the supporters.