Barcelona: Barcelona are going for Inigo Martinez, a rare market opportunity

Athletic Club know that Barcelona want to sign Inigo Martinez, as the Blaugrana have formally approached them in their bid to negotiate a potential move.

Martinez‘s contract comes to an end in less than a year’s time, with his buyout clause being set at 80 million euros.

Onda Vasca and Jose Manuel Monje were the first to report Barcelona‘s interest. The Catalans have not put it on hold and explained to Martinez that Jules Kounde‘s signing will not affect a potential move for the Athletic centre-back.

Meanwhile, Martinez is facing a unique chance to play for European football giants, Barcelona, and participate in the Champions League at the age of 31.

The Basque defender is happy in Bilbao, but he is aware that this might be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and he is not willing to miss out on it.

He joined Athletic from Real Sociedad in the winter of 2018 following Aymeric Laporte‘s departure to Manchester City. Martinez signed a five-year deal, one which expires next June.

Meanwhile, Athletic are always maintaining a tough stance when it comes to parting ways with their stars and that’s what they are doing in Martinez‘s case for the time being.