PSG tackle OL owner Textor


The American John Textor criticized, in The Team, the way PSG youth academies work. What displeased the club of the French capital.

After making fun of OM, John Textor, OL’s new strongman, attacked PSG. If the Marseille club had not responded to the short sentence of the majority owner of Olympique Lyonnais, this is not the case for PSG which, through the voice of the head of development of the PSG brand internationally, Nadia Benmokhtar, criticized the words of John Textor: “Apparently this gentleman (John Textor, editor’s note) does not know that the recruitment of minors abroad is prohibited by FIFA international regulations. And that promising young Americans who are under 18 to recruit them in Paris would be illegal” she revealed, in response to a claim by John Textor.

Nadia Benmokhtar then continued on how the PSG academies work: “John Textor did not understand the very essence of the PSG Academy. It is above all a football school. (…) It’s not about giving jerseys, having a license, but a real global training network, recognized as one of the best football schools!” According to PSG, OL also have an equivalent operation: “On a smaller scale, Olympique Lyonnais is trying to do something similar with its academies. I don’t think it’s a question in these Lyon academies, just like in that of PSG, of distributing jerseys. The new investor should know better what is happening beyond Florida.”

While Ligue 1 has not yet started, John Textor seems to be making enemies in the capital as in the south of France. It remains to be seen whether this will have a direct consequence on the pitch, on September 18, 2022, during OL-PSG, in L1.