Marc Anthony worries his fans with his skinny look

Marc Anthony’s vacationed in the US after completing the first part of his European tour.

The Latin singer performed across the continent on his ‘Pa’lla Voy’ tour, and then returned to the United States where he was photographed with his friend and Inter Miami owner David Beckham.

Beckham invited Anthony and his fiancee, Nadia Ferreira, to watch Inter Miami versus FC Cincinnati.

Anthony himself posed with the Beckham family. However, those pictures have caused concern amongst his fans.

Marc Anthony’s worrying physique

Fans of Marc Anthony noticed a change to the Puerto Rican singer’s body on images posted to social media.

His followers noticed an “extreme thinness” whilst others noted Anthony looked more exhausted.

Anthony has always had a rather slim physique, and it may be because of his outfit and the accessories he was wearing that the singer may have looked slimmer than usual.

The tour continues

Anthony continues his tour in South America. The Latin singer will travel to Bogota and Medelln on August 12 and 13 to captivate Colombian audiences with his hits and energy on stage.