what players blame Tudor for, which is not in the hot seat


Some OM players would have chosen to question Igor Tudor’s method. Some locker room executives, including Dimitri Payet, would not like the Croatian’s way of expressing himself. The technician remains supported by his management.

According to information obtained by The Teamthe management of Igor Tudor tenses up some OM players, including Dimitri Payet. “They don’t blame Tudor for the military preparation, it was the same with Sampaoli. But Tudor is sometimes icy, he unravels everything Sampaoli has done, the game, the atmosphere, and the executives find it a shame to move away to the opposite extreme., said an “intimate” from the locker room. And another to add: “Tudor came in saying to them, basically, ‘You don’t run enough, you don’t work enough and you don’t play right.’ Of course, that creates tension. »

A meeting would be scheduled with the coach today to ease tensions. The daily specifies that the Croatian is supported by his leaders. And some players “recalcitrant” could even be transferred by the end of the transfer window, while Pablo Longoria wants to put more rigor during the daily sessions. The president obviously does not intend to give in to the pressure put by certain elements, as must have been the case in the past.

OM have an appointment with Reims on Sunday for their first official match of the off-season.