MLB Twitter reacts to White Sox manager Tony La Russa falling asleep midgame

Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa was spotted dozing off during the first inning of the team’s 2-1 loss to the Kansas City Royals on Monday night at Guaranteed Rate Field.

La Russa, 77, might no longer have the mental or physical stamina to manage a team.

Critics who agree with that sentiment stated above are pointing to this video as evidence of his downward spiral.

The White Sox have underformed this year coming off of a 2021 season in which they won the American League Central by 13 games with a 93-69 record.

This season, Chicago entered the month of August with a 51-50 record but trail the AL Central leaders Minnesota Twins by just two games.

MLB Twitter reacts to Tony La Russa dozing off

MLB Twitter quickly pointed out the moment, with some fans saying the White Sox need to keep La Russa on coffee at all times.

One news producer nicknamed La Russa, “Tony Razor Sharp.”

If this is going to be a normal ocurrence, La Russa should consider wearing dark shades in the dugout.

Maybe if it would have happened in the seventh or eighth inning nobody would have said anything, but dozing off in the first inning of an MLB game is worrisome, to say the least.