the Bamba Dieng clan comes out of the silence

The situation of Bamba Dieng questions OM. Scorer three times in two appearances in preparation, the Senegalese international striker, darling of the Orange Vélodrome, then played no game under the orders of Igor Tudor. Something to talk about his future. As we revealed to you on our site, Dieng, for example, is very popular with Benfica. In an interview with our colleagues from Provencethe agent of Marseille’s No. 12 came out of the woods to clear things up. “During the off-season, I received a classic call from the club asking me what Bamba was planning to do. We told them that his project was a long-term one at OM, that he wanted to stay and did not plan to leave now.first explained Seydou Bocar Seck, before continuing.

“His position is that of listening, he expects communication from the club. If the player is not good enough, as his new status in the hierarchy indicates according to the coach, we wait for them to call and say clearly: “listen, we judge that it is not enough for us, please find another thing.” From then on, we would know what to do. The other alternative could be a misfit. But it is a hypothesis to be ruled out… He has shown enough things for us not to think that. […] He is frustrated but he is also positively touched by the messages of support he receives. » And Bamba Dieng’s agent confirms his foal’s intentions for the future. “For his part, his decision is made. He wants to stay. OM is his club. He intends to give back to the fans all the positive energy he receives through good performances on the pitch. »