Kyrie Irving doesn’t rule out playing outside the NBA in the future

Kyrie Irving is the focus of attention at all times. After all the difficulties he had to endure last season in the NBA because he didn’t want to get vaccinated, his performances are also in question.

His team, the Brooklyn Nets, valued his contract and have been trying to trade him for a better return. However, rumours have come and gone, but it seems clear that in the end the point guard will stay with the Nets.

Now, with 78 days to go until the start of the NBA Regular Season, Irving has surprised everyone by responding to a tweet that made reference to him.

The point guard has remarked that he has his sights set on finishing his basketball career outside of the NBA to help young players develop better and teach them everything that he has learned himself.

“I don’t have to renew. I’m going into my 12th season in the best league in the world and I’m getting better and better,” Irving detailed on Twitter.

“When I’m 38 and have time to really reflect on my career, I’ll do that, but until then, I’m enjoying every moment.

“And no, I’m not retiring from basketball at 38, I’ll be in leagues around the world teaching young people everything they taught me.”

Kevin Durant said some time ago that he would like to play his last year in Barcelona.

More and more NBA players are looking to finish their careers away from home and see Europe as a possible destination for a different and successful retirement.