Rebate Checks: Who could receive a $250 rebate this year?

Massachusetts could allow a rebate check for all taxpayers.

According to the state laws, during the 1980s, Massachusetts approved a tax rebate measure that the local government could apply in the next few days.

The measure mentions that if the state has a tax surplus, the same government will give back the surplus to its residents.

The governor’s words:

Massachusetts Governor Charlie Baker gave the news to the residents while signing the new annual budget.

Baker hoped the surplus from the states will be distributed to the residents.

According to Governor Charlie Baker, there’s a $2.5 billion surplus calculation, as the governor described.

“Probably north of” $2.5 billion due to an increase in tax revenue of 20% from last year.

“This is really unprecedented increases in tax revenue which is really what this thing was designed to do; to make sure the people of Massachusetts participated in that windfall,” Baker mentioned.

Will Massachusetts see a rebate check?

At the moment, lawmakers are quiet about the topic.

However, the state auditor will tabulate the surplus and decide if the quantity is fair for a rebate.

Auditor Suzanne Bump will answer around September 20, 2022.

If Massachusetts approves the rebate, the distribution will begin after the end of September.

CBS News calculated that if the state approves the rebate, all taxpayers will receive around 7% of their state income taxes.

A different rebate for residents:

In 2022, lawmakers from Massachusetts approved a $250 payment to residents.

Nevertheless, the rebate cited by Governor Charlie Baker is different from the one approved by lawmakers.

Residents from Massachusetts will have the opportunity to get another aid to combat inflation.

According to the state’s information, the only time residents from Massachusetts got a surplus rebate was in 1987.