Hillary Duff’s hubby smashes Full House’s Candace Cameron over Bruce Springsteen’s epic song

Hilary Duff’s husband Matthew Koma made fun of Candace Cameron on TikTok during the weekend over an Instagram post where the Full House star had the full-blown support ‘Merica attire.

The last time that we say Candace in a “he said, she said” or rather “she said, she said” scenario was when dancer JoJo Siwa called out the interaction with Cameron as rude. Cameron continued the drama by quoting the bible and involving her daughter in the mix.

In the post, she had the red white, and blue all over, in the background we can hear her playing “Born in the USA” and wishing everyone a happy fourth of July.

Now Matthew Koma went hard on her saying that in the following post the song she was playing wasn’t made because it was a celebration, it was actually a protest song from “The Boss” Bruce Springsteen.

Original post

Kome’s post

Kome went hard saying “Yeah that, the song you’re playing? Yeah, it’s about veterans coming home from Vietnam and being treated like s-t. Yeah, it’s not about the Fourth of July,”.

Johnny Depp’s TikTokAP

She is proud of being born in the USA

“I mean, c’mon, would you expect anything less from me?” she said while wearing a “God Bless America” and a “God is Good” baseball cap.

“Happy Fourth of July!

The singer a.k.a “The Boss” gave an interview back when the song was in the charts and booming, and he opened up about the story behind the song.

A song of rebellion

“That particular song fell into a certain social context. The country had veered to the right, and the Republicans at the time were basically attempting to co-opt anything American,” he said. “‘Born in the U.S.A.’ was a song of rebellion.”

“This is a song about the pain, glory, shame of identity and of place,”

“So it’s a complex picture of the country. Our protagonist is someone who has been betrayed by his nation and yet still feels deeply connected to the country that he grew up in,” Springsteen also said.