Today’s Papers – Vlahovic sees Di Maria assists, Roma delirious for Dybala

Gazzetta dello Sport

Vlahovic: ‘Juve, I’ll give you 30 goals’

‘I will enter the Bianconeri history books. Di Maria? I dream of his assists, with the Scudetto’

Emergency plan for Pogba

Rabiot, Fagioli and Paredes…

Out for at least nine games, Ramsey also leaves

Tomori: ‘Milan for the repeat showing’

Defender relaunches the challenge

‘Inter and Juve are favourites? They said that a year ago too. In fact, we’re even stronger now because we have experience’

De Ketelaere, the soap opera continues…

Meeting in Lugano

Inzaghi locks down the big names

Coach asked Inter to keep Dumfries and Skriniar

Simone sends a message

Dybala dances with wolves

What a party for Paulo at Roma: ‘Mou, what will we win?’

Over 10,000 flock to see La Joya

Doping returns, Palomino (Atalanta) risks a two-year ban

Positive for an anabolic steroid

Cairo alarm bells

‘Italian football must be reformed. Ideas, TV rights and investments are the only way to become great again’

Corriere dello Sport

Juve, what a coup, here is Firmino

Shock story emerges from the USA

Sudden dive in for the Brazilian striker: Liverpool to get €22.6m

Pogba meniscus, surgery considered: possible consultation in Europe

‘Roma, I will help you to win’

‘Mourinho wanted me here, I will give all of myself’

Dybala, a night like a film at the Colosseo Quadrato: sends the crowd into ecstasy and makes a solemn promise

‘We are young and ambitious, so we can dream. Zaniolo? I hope he remains with us. If I score against Juve, I won’t celebrate’


Vlahovic: ‘Di Maria, let me know where you’ll pass it’

Interview with Dusan, who is already dreaming of being the King of hitmen with the Argentine’s assists

‘I am hungry for trophies, I want to enter the Juve history books’

Dybala Day, 10,000 delirious fans in Rome

‘Juve dumped me, but if I score against you, I won’t celebrate. We’ll win with Mou!’

La Joya: ‘Economic problems? No, they just told me I was no longer part of the project’

Doping: Palomino shock

Positive in surprise test

Traces of an anabolic steroid: Atalanta defender suspended

Vagnati in the training retreat to placate Juric

Toro against Apollon Limassol and still without reinforcements

Schuurs or Denayer for the defence, Lorient mock Cairo over Laurienté

Policano: ‘Invest the Bremer cash’

And Vojvoda is out for a month

Little Swift takes UEFA to Court

Another accusation of a monopoly from Luxembourg