Josh Allen puts Tom Brady “down” as a golfer, and Brady responds to the trolling

Tom Brady and Josh Allen have a special rivalry off the field and today they had another episode, with the Buffalo Bills quarterback daring to say that out of a list of four NFL players who play golf, Brady’s level is practically at rock bottom.

Earlier this month Brady and Allen joined Patrick Mahomes and Aaron Rodgers to play in “The Match” golf tournament, which was played in pairs.

Brady and Rodgers were better and prevailed with a putt on the 12th hole that the Packers quarterback made to win the 2022 edition of “The Match”. A-Rod was accurate and didn’t miss from nearly four yards out for the win over Mahomes and Allen.

Allen was on the “Bussin’ With The Boys” podcast and was asked what ranking order, according to their level on the golf courses, he would put the four quarterbacks in, and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers’ quarterback was relegated to the last spot.

“I’d say, Aaron, Pat, myself, Tom,” Allen said, but when he named Brady he signaled that Tom’s level is at rock bottom. He was asked if he felt Brady’s level really was bad and he confirmed it with a yes,

Tom Brady got wind of the situation and continued the trolling against Allen, as he made it clear to him that every time they have faced each other all the wins have gone to him

“I love this confidence after going 0-5 all time head to head. that’s why Josh will be successful in this league!” wrote Tom Brady. Allen responded with a heart and Brady with a laugh and fist bump.

It’s not the first time they’ve made such comments, as when they faced each other earlier this month at the golf tournament, Allen was the first to lash out, as he said he would play with a golf ball that had Brady’s image on it.

But the 7-time Super Bowl winner pulled out a ball with the image of the famous Vince Lombardi trophy and Brady questioned him, “Josh, have you seen one of these? Have you seen one of these?” and his friend replied, “I’ve seen it before,” before walking away.