Kevin Durant’s last-minute decision that edges Kyrie Irving closer to the Lakers

Last season, Kevin Durant wasn’t happy after James Harden decided to leave him hanging at the Brooklyn Nets by leaving to the Philadelphia 76ers. But this exit didn’t affect as much as expected because the team still had him and Kyrie Irving as prolific NBA All-Stars. Ending the season without a true Playoff berth was a deep wound for an ambitious project that seems to be falling apart this summer.

Before rumors started coming, Nets fans truly believed they would at least have a shot at Playoffs next season with Kyrie and Durant leading the way. But teams like the Lakers are getting involved in the process and Irving is burned out from all the bad press he’s gotten in Brooklyn. It’s only natural he would be willing to relocate to a different team.

In terms of NBA transfers, this has to be at the very top of any conversation in the NBA these days. It’s even spoiled the NBA Draft excitement a little bit. The alleged move is that the Lakers will try to convince a desilusioned Kyrie Irving that his best next step is to play with LeBron James once again.

If this happens, Kevin Durant would naturally feel like there is nothing left for him to do in Brooklyn. No further information about Durant’s plans were disclosed until yesterday, when Wojnarowski reported he would definitely seek a trade if Kyrie walked from the team. Fresh out-of-the-oven information paints us a scenario that everybody feared with Durant.

Durant is already aware of Irving’s situation.

According to The Athletic’s Shams Charania, Kevin Durant has been monitoring the Brooklyn Nets’ entire situation not just with Irving but the entire team. He is reportedly considering options with his future as the project does seem to be falling apart. With this new outlook from KD, Kyrie would have an open road to make his decision and either move to the Lakers or another team.

As the hours keep going by with the NBA Draft about to start, this is definitely the biggest story of the day. After only three years without making an impact, the Brooklyn Nets’ ambitious project is about to fall apart completely. We can’t say that we didn’t see it coming from miles away, the writing was on the wall the entire time.