Could Brad Pitt be lying about his drinking and smoking habits?

We just got some important news about Brad Pitt, the actor hinted he might be looking at a possible retirement from his profession in order to focus on other things. But fans were quick to point out at some possible lies from the actor in order to portray himself as something that he’s not. In the recent GQ interview, the star decided to open up about the low-grade depression he’s been suffering for many years. He also told the publication he quit drinking and smoking during the pandemic.

As one of the most sought after celebrities in the world, keeping your appearances has to be a top priority. Making this interview with GQ didn’t feel as authentic as many of the past interviews he’s made over the years. Fans started posting pictures of him partying and smoking during the pandemic, which leaves him in an awkward position.

What did Brad Pitt say about depression?

Here’s what Brad Pitt said on that interview: “I don’t have that ability to do just one or two a day,” he explained. “It’s not in my makeup. I’m all in. And I’m going to drive into the ground. I’ve lost my privileges.” Pitt is reffering to the decision to simply cut back on any type of addiction, revealing he possibly does have a problem he feels ashamed of.

There were reports of his marriage with Angelina Jolie having issues due to Brad Pitt’s habits, we won’t specify any of them but they were unbecoming. These GQ interviews tend to be over hyped and sometimes they just work to cleans the image of an otherwise hurt celebrity. Could this be Brad Pitt’s case?

Brad Pitt is not the only artist to suffer depression, there are actually many stories of some of the greatest people in entertainment who suffer either that or addiction problems. Many of them even decided to take their own lives and many still struggle with it these days. Fortunately, Brad Pitt managed to find that place in his life that can give him a reason to keep going.

Retirement probably is the best decision for his mental health, especially considering how hollow the Hollywood industry can become for an actor. Even if he returns from retirement at a certain point, we all hope Brad Pitt can stick around for a long time and he is happy with his life.