Michael Jordan refuses to take a picture with a group of kids

A video of former NBA star Michael Jordan refusing to take a photo with insistent kids has gone viral in the United States, with millions of views on Twitter and Instagram.

The two boys were waiting to see LaMelo Ball, one of the stars of Jordan‘s Charlotte Hornets, when the superstar appeared.

“Let’s go see LaMelo Ball…. That’s not LaMelo, but it’s Michael Jordan!” the boys are heard saying on the video as they wait outside a car park.

The two boys then began shouting at Jordan begging for a photo, but the six-time NBA-championship winner with the Chicago Bulls and owner of the Charlotte Hornets refused.

“No. Put that shit down,” Jordan responded.

Michael Jordan! Where’s LaMelo?” one of the boys shouted as Jordan gestured for them to move back so he can get out with his car.

Social media reacted to Jordan‘s refusal to take a photo with the boys with messages such as “LeBron James would never do this” and “If LeBron did this, it would be a national incident”.

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