Burger King employee receives “goodie bag” after 27 years of perfect attendance

A video of a Burger King employee went viral Monday, in which he is showing off the goodie bag he received after 27 years of working for the company.

The employee is seen happily naming the various items in the bag, including a bag of Reeses chocolates, a lanyard, some mints and one movie ticket.

Reddit user u/FastRitz posted the video on the subreddit r/ABoringDystopia and made waves less than 24 hours later on Twitter.

The BK employee went viral due to his heartwarming gratitude, the video splattered with text thanking those who gifted him the bag.

“So thankful” and “Loyalty pays off” are layered over the video and another text explains that the employee has never missed a day of work in 27 years with the company.

Burger King has not issued a statement

Burger King has yet to issue a statement regarding the situation but some Reddit users have pointed out that the goodie bag was likely gifted to him by his co-workers.

Some believe that the restaurant’s headquarters or someone from upper management should give the veteran worker something of greater value.

The video, which has yet to be proven true or false, has spurred conversations of how companies do not really care about employees, even those who are most loyal.

Burger King is known for delivering over-the-top marketing schemes and this video could become a great opportunity to show that they care about their staff members.