More than lyrics, Hidden gestures aimed at Gerald Piqu in Shakira’s video

The collaboration between Shakira and Rauw Alejandro, on the ‘Te felicito’ song had gone fairly unnoticed, that was until she announced that she was splitting from the Barcelona FC’s defender Gerard Piqu.

Hidden meanings

It was until then that people started saying that the song was dedicated to his now ex-husband. People and fans alike began to analyze the lyrics in search of hints and double meanings that would give us a clue as to the reason for the breakup.


Pique caught cheating on Shakira, the couple are expected to announce split soon

Apart from the lyrics, which are full of hints, the video also has a few references to Piqu and we will tell you all about it!

TikTok is where it all started

A TikTok user with the @crismarroanie handle was who noticed many details regarding body movements and extra digging that gave way so people could notice new information.

Captain Salute

In a scene of the video clip, Shakira holds her hand to her forehead, making a gesture that seemed very familiar to her, and her hunch was right! If you go to the singer’s Instagram publications, you’ll Piqu making this same gesture.

You are a great liar and no one can deny it

At the beginning of the video clip, Shakira makes reference to the soccer player’s lies. In the scene, we see that Rauw receives a greeting with a face of a clown, and when he opens it, a melody starts playing that says: “Because you’re a great liar and no one can deny it. I congratulate you.”

Shakira spoke her truth

A few weeks ago, just after the news of their separation came to light, Shakira made some very revealing statements about their relationship. In an interview, the singer confirmed what we all already assumed: that the song is dedicated to Piqu.

It happens to all of us

The presenter congratulated her for that song that tells how a woman falls out of love with a fake perfect man, to which she replied: “It happens to all of us, once in a while, to women… You think you’re in a sincere relationship, but it’s not as real as you thought it was.”