Women & girls deserve an equal chance to play football

Equal opportunity is everything, in sport, but also in life. Realising your potential in anything carries so many more obstacles without the opportunity to get started in the first place.

Women’s football has been full of pioneers and trailblazers over the last 50 years, since the FA repealed its archaic ban on the sport. But now female participation in football is increasingly normalised – that is what those at the highest level want it to be…just normal.

It all has to start with that first chance, though.

If a young girl has an opportunity to play football, she can dream of a career in the game just like boys have always done. We are now seeing the first generation of female players emerging for whom a career as a professional career has always been a possibility.

But in England that only exists in the WSL, with the Women’s Championship still semi-pro at most.