Milan chief Scaroni slams ‘boring’ Serie A: It’s Serie B among European leagues

Milan chairman Paolo Scaroni has criticised Serie A for being too far behind their rival European leagues, blaming the stadium and lack of actual football played.

Scaroni claims the gap between Italy’s top flight and their European counterparts is only going to grow wider unless something is done soon to improve the situation.

He labelled Serie A a second-tier competition in Europe and urged referees to play their part to ensure the ball is in play for a larger part of the 90 minutes.

In an interview with Il Foglio, he said: “Our Serie A has become a Serie B in comparison with other top European leagues. They have all more or less overtaken us in the past 20 years.

“The result is that the product we offer isn’t great, without the [Lionel] Messis a the [Kylian] Mbappes, simply because we can’t allow ourselves.

“If we continue in this way, we will keep on moving further away from the football elite.”

Scaroni suggested one serious area in need of modernising was the stadiums. He added: “We need to present a product which people enjoy.

“Football is a sport but it is also a spectacle. A spectacle which requires a nice stadium which is well lit, always full of fans, modern, not too big, not too small.”

He said, however, that attempting to improve a stadium is a difficult ask in Italy and that Milan are ready to snap up the first available location for the creation of a new stadium.

He said: “Creating infrastructure in Italy is a serious problem. Now there will be the local referendum which will take a year. Do you understand? You know all of the approvals, the agreements and even the local referendum.”

However, he added he was positive: “We will take the first one to give us the go-ahead. In terms of the location for San Siro I’m quite optimistic.”

Scaroni called on referees to use their influence, suggesting not enough actual football is played. He said: “The spectacle needs to be made up of a lot of game-time and little interruption.

“In February, Milan-Udinese finished with 48 mins. 38 secs. of actual match time from 97 total minutes. It’s boring like this. The referees need to play their part.”