Former hockey star Sean Avery found guilty of crashing into vehicle with his scooter

Former hockey player Sean Avery has been convicted after deliberately riding his electric scooter into a minivan in New York.

Avery claimed that he was not aware that such an act would even be considered a crime but ended up being found guilty of attempted criminal mischief.

I’m not a police officer so I didn’t really know if there was a crime committed,” he told the court.

“It’s part of being on the streets of New York City,” he continued.

The former New York Rangers player could have resolved the matter with a fine when the crime was actually committed some three years ago.

In reflection, Avery admitted on his podcast recently that he perhaps shouldn’t have refused a plea deal offered to him by the Manhattan district attorney’s office.

“I was an idiot for saying no. I don’t just roll over to the institution,” he said.