Saints unveil new special black helmet

Since the franchise was founded in 1967, the New Orleans Saints have always played their NFL games wearing a gold helmet. This season, however, that tradition will come to an end.

Farewell to tradition

The team’s management decided to renew its image through a change of attire that opens the door to creativity in terms of design.

Under this perspective, it is projected that, in at least one game of the season, the Saints players will wear a black helmet, just as they did in 1969, only that year they never wore it during a regular season game and limited themselves to using it in preseason games, but mainly during their training sessions.

The team’s new helmet no longer features the rigid stripe that was seen in the center; instead, small versions of their fleur-de-lis logo appear to form a more stylized line of sorts.

Falcons join the initiative

By an agreement between team owners, for the past 10 years, all franchises were required to wear the same helmet throughout the season.

However, last year this rule was annulled and the teams were left free to alternate the designs that best suited them for their games.

According to UniWatch, a technology firm focused on digital transformation, at least 15 other teams will end up wearing an alternate helmet design in at least one game this season.

So far, the Atlanta Falcons will be the team following in the Saints’ footsteps, but they have yet to unveil their new helmet design.

Meanwhile, Jeffrey Lurie, owner of the Philadelphia Eagles, announced that his team’s players will also wear black helmets.