Piqu ignored Shakira in front of all of us, even on February 14

The breakup between Colombian singer Shakira and Barcelona footballer Gerard Piqu continues to leave unknowns. And the fact is that since Valentine’s Day there were at least three publications that the Colombian dedicated to the footballer on Instagram, which did not provoke a single reaction from him. He simply did not respond.

One-sided love

The first of the messages written by the interpreter appears before March 13.

“600 matches! I don’t think you have ever performed 600 concerts. Your achievements are unprecedented. History is a continuous present and you are here to continue to forge yours, your club’s, ours and that of future generations,” the text reads.

Subsequently, on March 20, Shakira highlighted her pride in Pique as the best center-back in the world, but again her praise was ignored.

However, the clearest action that reflects an early breakup between the Catalan defender and the South American artist comes from a message that she dedicated to him on February 14, Valentine’s Day.

“Happy Valentine’s Day”, she expressed and although more than two million people liked the message and even gave her a Like! none of them was from the footballer.

The family plans to move to Miami

As the celebrities’ separation became public, several of Shakira’s followers recommend her to delete the messages and turn the page as soon as possible.

For now it is known that she intends to move to Miami, Florida, from where she plans to relaunch her music career.

However, Pique is still determined to follow in the footsteps of his ex-partner, since he is no longer one of the favorite players of Club Barcelona, in the twilight of his career and under the pretext of seeing his children every day, he plans to accept a proposal to join Inter Miami, a Major League Soccer (MLS) team.

In addition, Gerard’s name has not ceased to be scandalous for having received close to 20 million dollars for reaching an agreement with the Royal Spanish Football Federation to move the Spanish Super Cup final to the Middle East, an inexplicable fact until today, since no one outside the federation should have received a single euro.