Tom Hanks screams at fans ‘back the f*** off’ after his wife almost tripped

Tom Hanks yelled at his fans after one of them almost tripped his wife, Rita Wilson.

Hanks didn’t hold back. He turned back into the crowd and yelled, “this is my wife, back the f*** off.”

While walking to their SUV, Hanks faced tens of fans outside the venue. Rita Wilson and Tom walked at least 10 to 20 feet before entering the SUV.

However, one of the fans tried to take a selfie with Rita and accidentally tripped her. Miss Wilson balanced and avoided hitting the floor.

Hanks turned back to his fans and screamed at them for almost causing an accident.

He looked at the fans for a couple of seconds and decided to enter the SUV.

Elvis, the new Tom Hanks project:

Director Baz Luhrmann created a new biopic film based on the rock and roll star Elvis Presley.

“After the initial shock of Tom (Hanks contracting COVID-19), it was a dream shoot, and actually, we came in on schedule, on budget,” said Baz Luhrmann during the Australia Elvis premiere.

“I mean, everybody in this room here tonight, so many people gave so much. And I mean, the restaurateurs who stayed open late at night to feed us – it was magical.”

Hanks will perform as Tom Parker. Parker was a Dutch musical entrepreneur and manager of the American superstar.

Parker encountered Presley in 1955, and by 1956 had become his sole representative.