Suspicions raised around PSG, UEFA alerted

Paris Saint-Germain are once again under the spotlight for financial matters.

LaLiga had been unhappy with how PSG were able to operate in the transfer market and, more specifically, with player contracts, and they even went as far as filing a complaint against the French club after they renewed Kylian Mbappe‘s deal.

On Wednesday, L’Equipe reported that PSG‘s accounts are once again being scrutinised by UEFA.

Journalist Etienne Moatti has explained that “PSG had to respond to a ‘request for information’ about its accounts by experts in financial fair play from UEFA’s financial control body for clubs (ICFC).

When PSG respond to the ICFC’s questions and a detailed examination of the data is carried out, it will be decided whether or not to open proceedings against the French club, who made a loss of 224.3 million euros in the 2020/21 season.

The problems began in 2014, when the club wereforced to sign a “settlement agreement” with the ICFC (in fact, the sanctions were accepted by the club in order not to be punished more severely), including a fine of 60 million euros.

In June 2018, the club’s accounts were investigated for months to judge the real value of PSG‘s sponsorship contracts, the ICFC’s investigating chamber closed the file “without follow-up”.

Ultimately, however, the investigation was reopened, although the Court of Arbitration for Sport would eventually close the case.

LaLiga complained about PSG for violating financial fair play

LaLiga have already filed a complaint against PSG and Manchester City with UEFA for breaching financial fair play.

Javier Tebas explained the impossibility of PSG renewing Kylian Mbappe‘s contract with the losses they have suffered in recent seasons.

PSG are going to end up with losses of 200 million euros,” Tebas lamented. “They have already been dragging 300… and they go and renew Mbappe with those amounts.

“They’re going to have to cheat, I don’t know if it’s by paying outside the French environment or by increasing sponsorship, which they’re already doing.”

PSG did not want to comment on Tebas‘ remarks.

LaLiga had already lodged a complaint with UEFA on August 22, 2017 against PSG following the signing of Mbappe and Neymar for a total of more than 400 million euros.

Ten days later, the European body opened a “formal investigation”.