Pique caught being affectionate with new friend on Catalan coast

There’s a new chapter in the ongoing breakup saga between Shakira and Gerard Pique, though it has nothing to do with their relationship.

A report in El Periodico de Catalunya states the Barcelona defender has found a new partner, a 22-year-old girl, who’s name begins with the letter C.

Two weeks ago journalists Laura Fa and Lorena Vazquez said that their relationship “was more special than we initially imagined”.

On their most recent ‘Mamarzzis’ podcast, Fa and Vazquez said: “Pique and his special friend were seen being affectionate early Thursday morning in a town on the Catalan coast”.

It’s believed the pair were seen around 1:00am in Pique‘s car, something that was confirmed by Fa and Vazquez, and other sources.

Pique’s new friend has stopped working as a waitress

The ‘Mamarazzis’ podcast reported last week that the 22-year-old blonde worked at a nightclub on Tuset Street in Barcelona.

However after her identity was revealed, it turns out she no longer works there as a waitress.

She’s also reactivated her social media accounts, though she she hasn’t posted any images of the couple.

Pique’s entourage and the girl’s want to protect her

“Her entourage wants to protect her. Pique too,” Vazquez explained.

“We don’t know the nature of the relationship, but we do know that it is important enough for the player that they not be seen together.

“This makes us think the relationship will move forward.”