Flag Day 2022: Is Flag Day a Public Holiday? Which establishments are open today?

The United StatesNational Flag or the Star Spangled Banner is arguably amongst the most recognized symbols in the entire world. There is a large bagage of history behind this flag that also makes it one of the youngest to exist in human history. Flag Day is the annual holiday that honors the symbolism and all that history we discussed behind this American flag every single year.

The official date for Flag Day is June 14, which falls on a Tuesday in 2022. Unlike other different holidays in the United States of America, this one is a little different in terms of days off from work or establishments that remain open or close.

What is Flag Day and why do we celebrate it?

Every single year on June 14, Flag Day is celebrated to remember the day in which the Continental Congress introduced the country’s first-ever flag as the official American flag on June 14, 1777. Many battles had been fought during those years and the United States finally reached an agreement to become a whole state.

As the Revolutionary War was taking place, each of the involved colonies had their own flag. However, the Declaration of Independence stipulated that the introduction of a universal American flag was needed in order to represent all those united colonies. Thus, that’s how the star spangled banner was born.

At the time, Congress made the resolution that on June 14, 1777, a purpose for the creation of a united American flag was created for the 13 colonies that represented this new nation. “The flag of the United States shall be thirteen stripes, alternate red and white, with a union thirteen stars of white and blue field,” read the resolution. Since then, a total of 50 states have been united into a single flag.

This is not recognized as a Federal Holiday, which means each state can introduce its own rules in terms of open or closed establishments to celebrate Flag Day. Most states keep all schools, the U.S. Postal Service and businesses open. But there are some exceptions such as Pennsylvania, that keep this as a state holiday and some establishments remain closed. Although there are some online Flag Day sales in select stores.