Boxing: Oscar De La Hoya is reportedly selling his company Golden Boy Productions

It looks like Oscar de la Hoya made the tough decision to sell his famous boxing company called Golden Boy Promotions, which since 2002 has been present in the sport mainly in the United States and Mexico.

The confirmation is not mere speculation and the former boxer, Oscar de la Hoya was the one who announced this through his official Twitter account with a clear and direct message about the decision.

Golden Boy Productions

The company which was founded 20 years ago with the intention of expanding the supply of boxers and historically has been one of the most important promotion companies in the sport while also supporting the Hispanic community since part of the roster is mainly made up of Mexican-American or Latino athletes based in the United States, as well as Mexicans.

Which boxers does Golden Boy Productions represent?

The names Jaime Mungua, Ryan Garca, Gilberto Ramrez, or Anabel Ortz are among the most recognized in the boxing world. Although North Americans such as Shane Mosley Jr. or D’Mitrius Ballard also stand out in this list.

How much money will Oscar de la Hoya receive?

There is no further information about the negotiation, although the owner of Golden Boy Promotions himself confirmed that he had already received some offers for his boxing promotion company.

Although the person or business group that contacted Oscar de la Hoya is not yet known, it is possible that a decision will be made this weekend.

The “Golden Boy” Oscar De La Hoya

If you recall De La Hoya has been present in the boxing world one way or another, he started fighting and gain great recognition when he won the gold in the Barcelona 92 Olympics, which is where he got his moniker “Golden Boy”, he continued fighting his way into the history of the sport fighting titans like Julio Cesar Chavez, Floyd Maywether Jr., and Manny Pacquiao which was his last fight.