Today’s Papers – Joya time for Inter, Italy regrets

Gazzetta dello Sport

Inter, time for Joya

Tomorrow decisive meeting

Summit between the club and Dybala’s agent

Expected to say yes to Nerazzurri proposal: three-year contract at €6m plus bonuses

Paulo will sign after his vacation

Baby Italy are doing OK

Nations League: 0-0 draw in England

Azzurri create chances and play well, repeatedly going close to an opener

Pessina the best, Gatti what a debut

Mancini: ‘Well done, but we need to score goals’

The new Milan

Cardinale-Maldini axis is formed

Now Sanches, then Scamacca

President hails Paolo: there’s a renewal

Juve relaunch

Pogba, Di Maria, Kostic and… the future in seven moves

Key men to get the market going

Eriksen’s second shot at life, Conte wants him at Tottenham

A year on from the dramatic scenes

Rovella, Okoli and Co up for auction

The Under-21 squad is a collection of gems

Clubs lining up for Nicolato’s boys

Corriere dello Sport

Italy regrets

Young and impressive, but without a World Cup

CT: Really good

Nations League, heads held high against England too (0-0) and still top of the group

Mancini with another two debutants: Gatti and Esposito shine

On Tuesday there’s the test in Germany


Agreement reached, announcement at the start of July

Deal between Juventus and the Frenchman for a four-year contract

Paul has to resolve some personal matters in England first

Morata shock: increasingly likely he’ll return to Atletico

PSG offer €60m for Skriniar

Inter still want €80m

Lang forward for the Milan attack

He plays for Brugge


Di Maria, last call

Juve in a rush to define the first transfer moves

Soon the Argentine will give his response, optimism is growing

Arnautovic’s brother: ‘With Marko by his side, Vlahovic would benefit too’

The young Italy does not betray us

Azzurri more than match England in Wolverhampton: 0-0

Top spot consolidated in Nations League group

Impressive Gatti debut

Toro-Belotti, behind the scenes

Club wants the same clarity that Insigne gave Napoli

Juric mediates and there are three offers

Milan, Cardinale speaks: ‘My first achievement is keeping Maldini’

Skriniar: Inter say no to €50m, PSG ready to bid more