Toni Nadal optimistic about Wimbledon: Rafa is much better

Despite being the current coach of Felix Auger-Aliassime, Toni Nadal maintains communication with his nephew and long-time pupil Rafael, and has confirmed that Rafael Nadal will be at Wimbledon.

“Yes, Rafael is playing at Wimbledon,” was Toni’s emphatic statement, according to

Rafa and Toni chatted multiple times following Rafa’s victory at Roland Garros last week.

“First he said ‘it hurts all over’.” Toni commented. “But when we spoke yesterday, he said he is much better.

“He wants to train. And if he has a little chance, he will play at Wimbledon.”

Rafa had apparently always planned to train on grass to coincide with the Mallorca Championship, ATP 250, which begins on June 18 at the Mallorca Country Club.

Toni claims that he has been in daily contact with Rafael and that the 22-time Grand Slam winner is pleased with the development of his Muller-Weiss syndrome treatment.

Rafa played brilliantly at the 2022 French Open, but it is known that he has undergone a longer-term treatment: a radio-frequency neurotomy, which goes straight to the afflicted nerves and prevents them from sending pain signals.

Although the foot is less sensitive, it nevertheless maintains control.

Toni recalled in Stuttgart that “with an operation, the pain would go away, but he wouldn’t be able to play at a high level anymore. That’s why he doesn’t want to.”