Milan and Juventus not irresistible for Zaniolo or Roma

Juventus and Milan continue their pursuit of Nicolò Zaniolo, but it’s reported Roma are more than happy to keep him if the offers aren’t irresistible.

Multiple sources reported over the last couple of weeks that Zaniolo was on the market, hoping a big sale would raise funds that could be reinvested in other areas of the team.

The asking price is at least €50m, but so far nobody has come close to that figure, at least no club that Zaniolo would be prepared to join.

Milan had seemed to be the favourites over the last few days, but they won’t go beyond €40m and would try to use a player exchange to lower the cost.

Sky Sport Italia reported last night that Juventus are back in the hunt after Angel Di Maria seemed to veer towards Barcelona as a free agent instead.

However, with nobody able to make an irresistible offer, Roma could end up holding on to their talent who turns 23 next month.