Video: Valencia boss Gattuso asked if he’s a lion or a kitten

Gennaro Gattuso gave Spanish reporters a taste of what they can expect when they made the mistake of asking the Valencia coach if he was a lion or a kitten.

The former Milan and Napoli tactician has just signed a two-year contract with Valencia and is following in the footsteps of Italian bosses in LaLiga such as Carlo Ancelotti and Claudio Ranieri.

However, Rino Gattuso is a very different kind of figure and he showed it when asked during his press conference: Are you a lion or a kitten?

He replied in a mixture of Italian and Spanish, all with a mischievous glint in his eye.

“What do you think? What you think, keep it in your mind, then we’ll talk about it later. If you think I’m a kitten or a lion…

“Afterwards, we’ll go for a coffee and talk about it…”

Rino has the nickname Ringhio, which is Italian for the growl of an animal.