Why has the Champions League final been delayed? Chaos never seen before…

It’s unbelievable, but it’s true. The Champions League final between Real Madrid and Liverpool was delayed by more than 30 minutes because, according to the organisers, of a security problem.

The reality is that from early afternoon access to Saint-Denis was more than complicated. The stadium itself is not easy to get to. But then the metro even collapsed, forcing problems on the streets.

But the overriding factor that has delayed everything was the presence of numerous Liverpool fans without tickets, which excessively delayed the pre-entry controls at the stadium.

Thirty minutes before kick-off, it was noticeable that the Real Madrid stands were completely full and the Liverpool stands were only half full.

Two hours earlier, some fans of the English club were already complaining about the chaos that was unfolding. Far from being resolved as the time for kick off approached, the situation worsened.

The police, faced with the crowds trying to get into the stadium, tightened security measures to the maximum, and everything slowed down even more.

The organisers commented that the late arrival of Liverpool fans in the outer rings of the stadium was another reason why the chaos at gate Z, where most Liverpool fans were gathered, increased as the start of the match approached.

The delayed kick off irritated the Real Madrid fans who had been inside the stadium for more than two hours and they shouted to demand the start of a match. It was first delayed by 15 minutes, and then by 30.

From 17:00 CEST, it was already clear that the organisational chaos on the part of the police and the French authorities was already heralding trouble.

At that time, there were several people trying to sell tickets and many others looking for a seat to get into the final, but all in chaos and without any order.

The consequence came in the form of the delay of the start of a Champions League final, something that was previously unheard of.

Liverpool‘s bus also suffered problems at the entrance to the stadium and was held up by the French police.