Which sportswomen earn the most money on OnlyFans?

OnlyFans is the content creation platform is on everyone’s lips, for both good and bad reasons.

Although it attracts other genres such as chefs, fitness experts, musicians and therapists, OnlyFans is best known for hosting people who choose to sell erotic posts. This earns some of them quite high sums, such as actress Bella Thorne, who made more than 1,000,000 dollars in 24 hours.

There are even athletes who opened accounts OnlyFans to share more private content and, financially, it is more profitable than their previous profession.

The Sun published a ranking of the sportswomen who earned the most money through the platform.

Paige VanZant

The American is a mixed martial arts fighter and competes in the flyweight division. However, last year she revealed that she made more money from her OnlyFans activity than from stepping into the octagon.

“When I signed with BKFC, bare-knuckle boxing, I was making more money than I made in my entire UFC career,” she said. “Now I make more money in one month than my whole contract with BKFC. It’s pretty crazy.

Renee Gracie

Gracie made as much as 14,000 euros a week from her content on OnlyFans and last year she surpassed the 5m euro mark in earnings.

“I love OnlyFans, the concept and how it changed my life,” she told The Sun.

Gracie also said that leaving motor racing in 2019 was “the best decision” she had made.

Madelene Wright

The first footballer on this list. Wright was playing for English club Charlton when she was sacked for controversial videos and images of her partying, drinking alcohol and having her pet drive her car.

After being sacked from the club, she found fortune at OnlyFans, earning more than 600,000 euros a year.

“I was able to get my own place, I’ve been able to travel the world and I’ve enjoyed a lot of luxuries,” Wright told The Sun.

Pearl Gonzalez

Another fighter who, like VanZant, started her career on OnlyFans, earns her 590,000 a year. The American has competed in the UFC and currently fights in the strawweight division of the Invicta Fighting Championships.

Erica Fontaine

The Miami-born athlete became popular on social media when she became known for her OnlyFans activity, where she shares her most personal content.

On instagram she has more than 600,000 followers and on that platform she has accumulated 69,000 likes on 248 posts.

Alysha Newman

The Canadian athlete earns one million euros a year. She also represented her country at the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Her speciality is pole vaulting, winning a bronze medal at the Pan American Games.

The athlete has a subscription of 30 dollars a month and, according to her words, she likes to upload provocative photos and does not plan to stop doing so.

“If not now, then when? If we don’t push boundaries, break barriers and expectations, we’ll only be pushing ourselves away from the real us,” Newman said.

Liz Cambage

The Australian is one of the stars of the WNBA, as she is the star of the Las Vegas Aces, the team she has been playing for since 2019. She denounced the problems with the salary she receives in the basketball league last February, when she revealed that “a coach can earn four times more than the highest paid players”.

Last year she made the leap to OnlyFans, where she earns 1.5m euros a year according to TotalSportal.

At the 2012 London Olympics she won bronze for Australia.