Boxing: Jermell Charlo knocks out Bryan Castao to become unified champion

American Jermell Charlo and Argentinean Bryan Castao held in the ring what they said below, they gave a great fight at the Dignity Health Sports Park in Carson, California, that could compete for the best of the year.

Charlo became the unified welterweight champion, took the World Boxing Council, International Boxing Federation, World Boxing Association and World Boxing Organization belts.

There was no study round

There had already been 12 rounds before, the two boxers knew each other well, so the actions in this second fight started from the bell.

Charlo looked better from the beginning, he managed the distance and the jab well, Castao always went forward, he did not know how to walk backwards, he was always on top of his opponent.

The American threw the best punches, moved well around the ring, when he dug in the corner he received Castao with a left.

While the Argentinean had a courage that was striking, he was taking a lot of punches up and down, he was resisting, but he was not going to do it for long.

In the tenth round, the two went to the clash, they met, Charlo pulled out a miraculous left, Castao’s jaw received it, the Argentinean was a few hundredths of seconds standing, it was a blow of delayed effect, little by little the Argentinean collapsed, he reached the canvas. The South American received the count of protection, the referee decided to continue with the actions, Charlo intensified the attack, Castao fell once again and the third on the surface now stopped everything.

There could be a third fight

After the fight Charlo took the microphone and thanked the people who gathered in the arena, but also Castao for the great fight they gave, the American commented that this could be the best of the year.

Castao went to his corner and recovered, he said he would like a third fight and the difference with the first fight was that this time Charlo was able to connect well.